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Locks Rekey Service

Rekey Locks Shoreline WA – Quick & Professional Service Available 24/7!

“Rekey” mean to change the old key to a new different key on existing lock. For each key there is a unique set of pins, in the process of rekeying these pins need to be replaced to a new set of pins that match the new key that you want to use. After the rekey process done, the old key will not work again. . You can add a new layer of security to your home or office without changing any hardware. The locks that you want to rekeyed need to be in a good working condition. In case that you want to rekey locks that you have lost the keys completely, there is additional step that  need to be done.

When is a good time for locks rekey?Rekey Locks Shoreline WA

  • You want to control who have your property key
  • Move into new property
  • Roommate moved out
  • Employee or a service provider fired
  • You need to increase your security
  • Lost one of your keys
  • You have more then one key for few locks (you can use one same key for all of your locks)

Rekey Locks is affordable way to increase you security and to control your keys. A professional locksmith can rekeyed any type of locks – residential and commercial.

Call Shoreline Locksmith 24 for Residential and Commercial Locks Rekey Service at: (206) 800-3133

Master Key System

In addition to our simple residential and commercial locks rekey service, our rekey locks specialists also offer master key system. Master key system let you set more then one key (different key) for the same lock. Master key system usually used by large properties owners. When you have few areas in your property, master key system let you control on who get access to which area. Master key system also get use by hotels, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, malls, new construction area, community areas, etc. Master Key System

Feel free to call us 24/7 for more information, and for any question or request: (206) 800-3133

Shoreline Locksmith 24 – Locks Rekey Service

Our rekey locks experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer fast response time – service in 25 minutes or less! Our locksmiths have years of experience rekeying locks and will showed up at your property in a fully equipped work van with all the tools and parts to complete your rekey project quickly and effectively.

Type of locks we can rekeyed:

  • DeadboltRekey Locks Shoreline WA
  • Door Knob
  • Mailbox Lock
  • Garage Door Lock
  • High Security Locks
  • Commercial Locks
  • Lever Handle
  • And More!

Call Shoreline Locksmith 24 For Fast & Professional Rekey Service (206) 800-3133

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