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Shoreline WA Locksmith – Commercial Locks and Keys Services

Are you searching for an upgrade in the security of your business? Do you have any security threat at your commercial center? Are you running a commercial outlet and want to put adequate security in place? Contact Shoreline WA Locksmith to help strengthen the security at your business venue.

In addition to providing essential locksmith functions, a commercial locksmith also offers other services aimed at enhancing the security of your commercial center. As an organization, you are bound to have confidential documents and valuable items apart from goods or wares. Consequently, you should ensure that the locks are in perfect condition. More than that, Shoreline WA Locksmith has more to offer and enhance your security.

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Shoreline WA Locksmith

How Shoreline WA Locksmith Can Help Your Business

Other services that a commercial locksmith offers apart from locks repairs, keys duplication and new locks installation are explained below.

Master Key System

There are sensitive areas within your business center where unauthorized movement of employees should be restricted. You can achieve this by hiring Shoreline WA locksmith to install a system whereby locks to those areas will be operated by a single key to prevent the use of multiple keys.

Key Control

In order to restrict the number of staffs that have access to keys to sensitive areas in your commercial center. You should ensure that only key workers have access to such keys. Meanwhile, even though you issued an official warning prohibiting unauthorized duplication of your keys, you need to add extra layer of security. How? We can help install a unique customized keyway that is only available to us for your locks to prevent duplication of keys.

Consequently, you have full control over your keys; in that, they cannot be duplicated anywhere. And you can rest assured that your business is secure.

Setting Up of Emergency Exits

Commercial buildings are expected to have emergency exits. We can help you build or repair an emergency exit devices such as single function lock or panic bar.

Installation of Security Devices

At Shoreline WA locksmith, we can help install security devices such as CCTV security cameras, key Fob System, retinal or fingerprint scan, and video surveillance system at your commercial center.

Lockout Services

In case the lock to your office gets damaged, or key is broken or lost, thus; preventing you from gaining entry, call us immediately to unlock your doors, provide you with new keys, and grant you access to your commercial center again.

Shoreline WA Locksmith – Commercial Locksmith Service

The security of your commercial center should not be taken with a hand of levity. Therefore, contact Shoreline WA locksmith to help upgrade the security of your business center. Our Shoreline WA locksmith team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer FAST response time day or night – Service in 25 minutes! Locked out? Lost your keys? Need your locks changed or repaired? Feel free to give us a call with any question or request. 

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